Weekly Links #326



Hello, everyone! This week started with yet another important figure in our creative field being outed as a sexual predator. As usual, that gave some other people the courage to come forward and bring to light systematic harassment in a number of large companies and event venues. Again.

All this is made even more poignant by the comic industry facing a reckoning of its own at the same time. Makes you wonder when the next scandal can be expected from Hollywood, too. Or maybe publishing.

Because all of them are riddled with problems of this sort. All of us.

Ah, you don't like that last part? Feeling the need to get defensive? Then make sure you're not a part of the problem. Let abusers know they won't find an ally in you. Speak up. Staying silent makes you complicit.

In happier news, via micro.blog we have My 10 Year Game Development Journey, the very personal story of a developer from the Philippines. Which once again reminded me of two things with modern society:

  1. The lengths people must go through, especially in poorer countries, to avoid ending up in a soul-crushing job where they barely eke out a living by exploiting other people for the benefit of a greedy boss.
  2. How much of their time and passion creators put into Flash before it was taken away from them. You'd think we'd learn something from that debacle, but no, we're gleefully reenacting it with Unity.

Yes, it will happen again, and likely sooner than we expect. Get ready.

Before concluding, I should probably highlight the Neonauticon Web Directory, a small, personal and quirky listing that's definitely worth a look. Oh, and this weekend Hardcore Gaming 101 covers Bubble Bobble.

Enjoy, and see you next time!


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