Weekly Links #317



Hello, everyone! I didn't do much game-related this week, apart from updating the default Ramus stylesheet. Been working on a grand web design project, part of my other website, the personal one. Which did involve bringing over a nice set of links, that you can find in the archive. Plans for the near future involve another game port, more as a time-filler than anything. I was hoping to write more for the upcoming book, but there's no more time, or much to add, honestly. A nice, big conclusion to wrap it all up, sure.

Otherwise, I added recovered screenshots to the project pages for Glittering Light 2 and Tee-Wee Editor, and might do that for others, too. In fact I plan to make all my work more website-centric in the future, since clearly it's safer online than on my own hard drives. Well, for as long as I can keep paying the hosting bills anyway. (Don't worry, it's all covered for now.)

There are bad news, too. My spare computer is already acting up, with 20 days to go until I can replace it. Hopefully it won't stop the next three newsletters from coming out on time; That would be a sad last year of this run.

In the way of news, this week Gamasutra posts a retrospective of Facade, while Ars Technica reports that Japanese retrogamers will donate 100 SNES consoles to families that are stuck inside these days. And it can't be easy to come by original machines from 30 years go. Cool, isn't it?

This concludes a short, thin newsletter. I'd have liked to add a little art piece or something to round it up, but things kind of took me by surprise. Oh well, enjoy the Sunday and see you next week.


Tags: meta, news