Weekly Links #274



Hello, everyone! The dust is starting to settle over the website, but I'm not quite done yet. Changes are just getting smaller:

  • The two editions of Sunset Flight can now be downloaded from the same place;
  • The game section as a whole was tweaked and reorganized;
  • More content originally published elsewhere was brought over to the wiki.

On a different note, two more games are now on Game Jolt as well: Space Cruiser Orion and the older Escape From Cnossus HD. The trick is picking titles that fit well and have a chance to elicit even a bit of interest; not an easy thing over there. (Edit: they didn't.)

Plans for the immediate future involve tweaks to a number of games, and bringing back Buzz Grid, that right now only exists online as a handful of articles on the wiki. Got an idea for how to do it right. But it might take a little while, as my personal website also needs work right now.

In the way of news, we have a write-up about advergames, and a few links without comment. Also a reminder that No Time To Play still needs your help. Details below the cut.

On Wednesday, a Gamasutra blog looks at four decades of advergames. Having worked on several, I can tell you that people often put as much soul and effort into them as any other production. Sure enough, some of my all-time favorites are, if not exactly advergames, then at least media tie-ins. Like the free FPS based on Eight-Legged Freaks, that was as good as it was short, at only two levels, and unlike the movie deserves to be remembered.

Sadly there wasn't much else newsworthy this week, but I do have a few links for you. Presented without comment:

And that's it for this week, because mostly everything else was corporations grandstanding at E3 and largely falling flat on their faces. Well... we did have Keanu Reeves saying games don't really need movie stars in them only for PCGamer to promptly miss the point and ask what other games could benefit from having Keanu Reeves in them. Way to go, guys.

But I promised not to comment on this. Oh well, see you next time. But not before reminding you that hosting bills are coming in less than a week, and nobody has chimed in so far. Guess a lot of my readers are away on vacation by now. Well then, enjoy!


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