Signing off



Dear readers,

Thank you for being with me. Some of you have been here since this blog started. It's been a ride. So long, and thanks for all the fish (obligatory line).

The final edition of the newsletter was very popular, but the one before that exceeded all my expectations. Talk about ending on a high note. Love you all.

It had to end. Sorry. I'm sad about it too. Made the decision half a year ago, when it became clear that a relaxed posting schedule wasn't enough to keep me going. Kept me going for a year and a half more than expected, so that's a win. But the past 18 months have been hard. Looking older now. Feeling older, too.

And the ongoing world situation is only part of it. I'm a lonely, angry man whose only friends are too far away. Having a hobby helped for a while. Now it's a drag on my time and energy. Besides, a blog needs to end at some point, like a book.

Oh, I plan to keep writing. Got no shortage of outlets for that:

Don't forget about and the new site, either. Hopefully there will be more soon. Been saying that for months. So far no luck.

I plan to make more games, too. Got The Unwanted Hero to finish, and new ideas for Electric Rogue 2. Hopefully more later. Couldn't say right now.

Enjoy the holidays, and see you again someday soon, somewhere nearby. Cheers.


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