GameDev News for 25 October 2021



I've been on a roll lately. Shorty after my previous release, here's Scrunch Edit, a similar-yet-different outliner that nicely complements its older sibling:

Screenshot of a desktop application showing a tree of headings down the side of a text editor, along with a toolbar and other widgets. There aren't any icons.

Even better, some of the new tricks I came up with can be backported to Tee-Wee Editor, which could use another version, after much too long.

Otherwise, game-related news have been scarce at the end of October. From Game Developer Magazine we learn some game design tips out of Sid Meyer's newly published memoir (warning, long read), and in less happy news that Activision Blizzard continues to self-destruct (thankfully just a short update). Kotaku has details, but I can't be bothered to add more links.

Instead, let me highlight The Digital Antiquarian writing about Harlan Ellison and the way his most famous story was made into a videogame against all odds. What stood out to me was the editorial by Johnny L. Wilson, who reached the same conclusions about violence in videogames a quarter century before I did in this article. Funny that.

But this is it for now. Enjoy, and see you in November, when stuff is expected to happen for a change.


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