GameDev News for 15 October 2021 (game history edition)



Hello, everyone! It's mid-October, and winter is coming early in the northern hemisphere. In the way of good news, plenty of people seem interested in OutNoted, though few tried it so far. Even better news: it spawned another project that I hope to announce next time.

There aren't so many links today either, but what's there is quite good. To wit:

  • In early October, HG101 covers Doom, and the introduction made me laugh out loud. There's also an in-depth comparison of the various console ports. Of course the sequels get articles of their own.
  • Then we have a French language story that makes some surprising connections: Why visual novels are in first person.
  • On a related note, there's an excellent question on the LemmaSoft forums: How do you write a plot?
  • And for its 20th anniversary, ScummVM has a massive new version, including among others Glulx support, giving it the ability to play hundreds, maybe thousands of text adventures. See also the more personal coverage from Vintage Is the New Old.
  • Last but not least, The 50 Years of Text Games project has reached 2009 and Fallen London, or Echo Bazaar as it was called at the time; I reviewed it in 2011, and played for many more years after that.

That's it for today. Not bad for these gray, gloomy times. See you around!


Tags: tools, adventure, history, writing, retrogaming