GameDev News for 15 September 2021



Hello, everyone! I've been busy with another of my websites as of late, not to mention real-life issues, so there wasn't much time to look into games. I'll keep this short. Sorry about that.

  • For one thing, HG101 covers the classic NES game Battle City, that I played so much (yes, it was a bootleg multicart plugged into a Famiclone, thank you), and then the equally classic RPG Wasteland, followed by exhaustive coverage on the entire series, including spin-offs.
  • Then we have a couple of forum threads: one ostensibly about RPGs, discusses the Medieval Stasis trope, obviously an issue for any writers / worldbuilders and not just game designers; the other illustrates how people still haven't figured out that Twine is a compiler for multiple story formats. Big communications failure right there, but I tried to point it out many times only to be brushed off. Well, fine then.
  • Last but not least, still in the interactive fiction department, Aaron A. Reed's 50 Years of Text Games series has reached 2004 and with it The Fire Tower. So I was right! There really were no walking simulators before that, in any videogame family.

But this is really all I have today. Enjoy, and see you at the end of September. Oh! One more thing: a very nice write-up about The Golden Age of Shareware CDs. It's not entirely on-topic here, but still close enough, and well worth a read. Cheers!


Tags: classics, rpg, interactive fiction