GameDev News for 25 August 2021



Hello, everyone! It was a busy week in the way of game-related news, though I mostly did some web design. But! A post on Mastodon prompted me to write half a page of thoughts on programming and community, specifically with regard to software forges. Yep, I'm officially posting on the wiki again, so that's something.

Next we have a couple of interactive fiction news:

  • Fundraising has started for the Interactive Fiction Competition;
  • and Robin Johnson released GrueScript, a tool for making text adventures with a hybrid parser / point&click interface.

The latter means a lot to me. It's what I tried to do with Adventure Prompt almost five years ago and failed. GrueScript is different, coming straight from the horse's mouth. Sure enough, it's already enjoying a much better reception. And it uses the kind of scripting language I described last summer, presumably also inspired by ScottKit and similar tools. Talk about having my work validated.

Otherwise, we have retrospectives of Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within and Tomb Rider. And also for retrogaming enthusiasts, two new ways they can enjoy old games:

Got to make more time for this kind of thing. Meanwhile, have fun, and see you!


Tags: meta, interactive fiction, tools, retrogaming, preservation