GameDev News for 5 August 2021



Hello, everyone! July was the best month of 2021 for No Time To Play, with the previous newsletter the most popular of the month. All the recent activity must have helped. Speaking of which: you might have noticed some changes around here, too. Yep, links are now better placed throughout the site, and there's a new journal page on the wiki, too.

Otherwise, it's been a year since I changed the newsletter format. The new one didn't help as much as I hoped, but it helped. It lessened the pressure, and allowed me to carry on for a while longer, without much of a change in quality.

In the way of news, the height of summer was dominated by the Activision Blizzard scandal. A few highlights:

We also have some bits of game history:

Last but not least, a nice piece on game design: Losing is Fun, from Blubberquark software. I don't agree with everything, but it's still a largely good read.

With that, enjoy the coming weekend and see you next time.


Tags: meta, business, history, interactive fiction, game design