GameDev News for 15 July 2021



Welcome, readers! With everyone seemingly on vacation this month, I couldn't find any news worth mentioning here. So instead I'm going to focus on what's going on at No Time To Play.

For one thing, I finished porting City of Dead Leaves to Ramus: a better showcase for the system, thanks to the need for advanced scripting, but also possibly the best version of the game yet, that restores most of the text cut from the Alan game, plus some that was written for the Texture version, and should play better than either.

Let's see if players agree, though, because I didn't get it tested yet.

In other news: as of this writing, the No Time To Play domain is secure for another year. If nothing bad happens, I plan to keep this site going for a long while yet. That said, the blog will come to an end in December, and updates will continue elsewhere. Current plans include:

  • repurposing the link section;
  • bringing the wiki back to life;
  • continuing the search for ways to expand our online presence.

It's the last point that worries me, because I won't be able to keep the site going forever, and I want it to survive. But so far the problem has proved slippery: I don't even know where to start looking.

I still have a few months to think about it, if not more. See you around.


Tags: meta, interactive fiction