GameDev News for 25 June 2021



Great news, everyone! As of this writing, The Unwanted Hero is one small change away from going to beta-testers. Until launch, here's one last screenshot:

Screenshot from a text-based RPG with a book-like user interface showing an inventory screen with a list of consumables and equipment slots.

I might even have secured cover art, thanks to a generous friend who didn't ask for money. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford proper commissions again.

Until then, let's see the news, again under the cut, but without commentary.

Let's start with a couple of forum threads, as usual lately:

I commented about that on Mastodon, so I won't insist. Now in other news:

Last but not least, there's my own write-up that I forgot to mention in the previous newsletter: In dialog with interactive fiction, a review of a relatively young authoring system.

With that, enjoy, and see you in July.


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