GameDev News for 5 May 2021 (interactive fiction edition)



Hello, everyone! I rested for a while after releasing WireView 3D, but soon started thinking of another tool to make. After a false start, it's now coming along nicely, and should be done by mid-May. Watch the side channels until then, and for today, let's see the news.

I'll start with a question: In Dungeons and Dragons you can be almost anything, so why the backlash over a combat wheelchair? Read the article to find out, though you probably suspect. And otherwise we have some headlines from the world of interactive fiction. In reverse chronological order:

Last but not least, let me highlight this Android game I've been playing called Fateful Lore: a cute little JRPG that doesn't take itself seriously and only wants you to have fun with it. Playable in 15-minute bursts, without a map or notes, and very forgiving, this is more like running around a big backyard whacking weeds with a stick and getting chased by scary-looking bugs.

Which makes it just the thing for me. Until next time, enjoy, and see you!


Tags: meta, rpg, representation, interactive fiction, tools