GameDev News for 15 February 2021



Wait, what? It's the 15th already?! Aieee! (Runs in circles, arms flailing.)

Seriously, I've got nothing in the way of an editorial this time, either. Was hoping to be done writing my novella by now, but no such luck. Made some changes to my websites, but it was mostly the other one. You get the idea.

So let's just get on with the news. This time, we have:

And now, from shooters to interactive fiction:

But that's pretty much it for today. Well, over on the LemmaSoft forums there was an interesting discussion sparked by someone asking, What do you think about VR visual novels? Which in turn prompted me to rant some more elsewhere about the so-called "indiepocalypse" that wasn't, except for people who expected to get rich quick making games.

Anyway, see you next time, hopefully with at least as much material. Have fun!


Tags: shooter, interactive fiction, meta