GameDev News for 5 February 2021



Hello, everyone! This week we have news in pairs. Like these two retrospectives from Hardcore Gaming 101, namely:

  • Metroid: Other M; Likely the most positive review of this game I've seen, mostly focusing on the gameplay. Though it touches at the story towards the end, and that's where the criticism starts. And then,
  • Quake, an article that bafflingly sings the praise of technology-driven game development, which caused so much harm to the industry. Still worth a read as usual, but why?!

Anyway, then there's Aaron A. Reed's 50 Years of Text Games project, which treats us to articles about two classics:

  • the 1974 Super Star Trek, a game I only discovered recently thanks to the sdlBasic community, and promptly created my own variation (with the serial numbers filed off);
  • the 1975 dnd, ancestor of all computer RPGs. Amazing how many things we now take for granted were born that long ago, only to be forgotten and rediscovered at great pains. But we don't want to learn, do we.

While on the topic of RPGs, this time the tabletop variety, we get an article about the top 10 most infamous such games. And also about text games, there's a new authoring tool on the scene called Donjon FI. It's browser-based, very similar to Inform 7... and all in French. How cool is that?!

But that's it for today, and without as much as an editorial. Oh well, see you next time.


Tags: tabletop, classics, rpg, shooter, history, interactive fiction