GameDev News for 25 December 2020



Merry Christmas, everyone! Having planned to post a newsletter on this day rather than taking a break, I hoped to make it especially good. That didn't quite work out, but enjoy anyway. Least I can do while working on things not connected to games.

Speaking of which: a word about my plans in 2021 is in order. I hope to keep going for another twelve to eighteen months; after that however, No Time To Play is winding down, most likely. While I still have faithful readers, there are only a few in a big sea of silence. With an uncertain future ahead and little to struggle for... something will need to change. Sorry about that.

In the mean time, let's see the end-of-year news.

Last but not least, last Friday The Digital Antiquarian posted a history of Lode Runner, which is also well worth a read. With that, be well these holidays, and see you next year!


Tags: meta, interview, tools, accessibility, classics, history