GameDev News for 25 November 2020



Hello, everyone! I'm at a loss for what to work on next. I tried revisiting some old game concepts, but nothing concrete yet. Maybe one of these:

  • A strategy and/or RPG building on the premise of Space Cruiser Orion; I have a blurb, and the seeds of a rule system, but it needs a lot more work.
  • Some sort of narrative game, since I've been more and more in a writing mood again lately. But my interactive fiction has been poorly received, so it would have to be some other genre.

Either way, for now it's just daydreaming, so let's move on. In the way of news, today we have just a couple of items:

Apart from that, we have two pieces of videogame critique:

But that's pretty much all for today, so see you next time. Cheers!


Tags: graphics, technology, history, critique