GameDev News for 25 October 2020



Hello, everyone! My big porting project concluded a few days ago, yielding another couple of useful results:

Had plans to try and make a little something based on what I've learned, but needed a break first.

Anyway, on to the big news this week. Maybe you've heard how soon you'll need a Microsoft account to keep playing Minecraft. Remember when people cheered for Mojang being acquired? I hope you're still happy.

And that's all I'm going to say about it, because we have much more pleasant things to write about. Not so many comments.

  • First, A New Way To Think About Your Favorite Game’s Code, in which Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin, co-directors of the Video Game History Foundation, explain their new project, namely...
  • The Video Game Source Project. Which is great, but may I remind you that my games and many others are already open source, and could use a few mirrors. Guess it's not as fun if we want to share, is it?
  • Still in the way of videogame preservation, you might want to read La Grande Aventure: the story of the first text adventure in French, and how it ties into the early home computer scene.
  • And still about text-based games, we have a write-up on Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social. That's about the recent Roguelike Celebration, by the way: an event I mentioned briefly in the previous newsletter.
  • Or if you care more about the business side of things, here's some Money for the honey! i.e. a look at Hive Time's finances and pay-what-you-want pricing. I must have mentioned this game before too, having been lucky enough to follow its development in real time.

Last but not least, these days The Digital Antiquarian covers Master of Magic, while HG101 does The Lurking Horror. And that's it for today because the newsletter has grown big enough already. Enjoy!


Tags: roguelike, interactive fiction, strategy