GameDev News for 15 October 2020: roguelike edition



Hello, everyone, and welcome to a thematic edition of the newsletter. We haven't had one in some time. See, I've spent the past couple of weeks learning a new programming language, under the guise of reviving an old rogue-lite prototype. You might have noticed my previous posts here:

That was a good opportunity to clean up and fix the original Glittering Light prototype, that only a few friends got to play so far. If you did, the main differences are:

  • the fog of war now works, and it's great to see the dungeon light up as you move around (in a terminal emulator!)
  • code is much cleaner, and makes use of advanced Python features I somehow only learned this spring.

Now to see about the native port, and hopefully next year Tomb of the Snake can get the same treatment. Meanwhile, let's see the news:

That's all for today, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. See you next time!


Tags: meta, roguelike, community, game design