GameDev News for 5 October 2020



Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first newsletter of October! I spent the last ten days finishing out a couple of things. First, a new port of Dungeon Romp to the Linux console, using my equally new DukTerm library. A niche thing? Sure, but I tried popular. It's way overrated.

Anyway, because I'd been working on that since before the previous issue, and that's a long time to work on just one thing, I also took some time to set up a strategy game section, after going back and forth over the idea many times. As you can see, there's not much in it. Turns out, most of my work so far has been in other genres. Oh well, I'm not done writing and coding yet.

In other news, this weekend saw the start (and in one case, the end) of two game-related events. The Roguelike Celebration 2020 took place these days, though the usual venues were strangely silent about it and I had to read some coverage on Twitter, from the one and only Mike Cook. And the IFComp just started, as announced on their blog and amply discussed in the community.

Last but not least, for game developers we have the first article in a series about accessibility design, from a cool creator on, while Jimmy Maher writes about Transport Tycoon, a game I never played in its time, but was well worth learning about. As they often are.

An eventful autumn then, and in a good way when it comes to games. Enjoy, and see you next time!


Tags: meta, roguelike, strategy, interactive fiction, accessibility