GameDev News for 25 August 2020



Hello, everyone! Three newsletters into the new format, I seem to be settling into a new 10-day rhythm. Let's see if it lasts; almost didn't manage this time.

In the way of news, all my projects here are still on hold, apart from moving even more articles off the wiki. Instead, I've been again trying to expand my presence on social media. This time, a tilde server:, part of the Tildeverse. So far I'm experimenting with a new (to me) style of web design, and also the new Gemini Protocol. Bringing the joy of game development to new audiences since 2010!

As for the links, today I'm short on comments to say the least:

Last but not least, here's a reminder that Flash Games Are Leaving Soon, but Their Memory Will Never Fade

Wish there was more, but after all the activity earlier this month it's gotten quiet again. Until next time, when I'll hopefully manage to get back into making games for a change. Have fun!


Tags: meta, social media, history, preservation