GameDev news for 5 August 2020



Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first newsletter of a new era, or issue #331 after the old count. I used the break to swap out the software powering this blog, which in turn had to be finished. That was quite a bit of work not directly connected to games.

More closely connected is the new book. I spent yesterday afternoon setting up the store pages, with a week to spare. They're ready to go live at the press of a button, but I'm holding out for the big day (also in case last-minute changes are needed).

Otherwise, ironically enough, we have a whole bunch of news today. Not so much a proper editorial. Inclusivity seems to be a big topic this week, both towards developers and players, and it's a good trend. Otherwise, everyone's talking next-gen consoles and sequels to big franchises. Oh, and pricing. Also developer wages. Which is probably not a coincidence. Funny how things cascade sometimes.

Oh well, let's see what we've got that's worth linking to.

(Sadly I don't have many comments this week to mark the moment.)

  • An older piece from three weeks ago tells the story of Socialism’s DIY Computer, specifically one from the former Yugoslavia. And it's a story worth knowing.
  • From Gamasutra, we have EA's strategy for remastering Command & Conquer; a write-up interesting enough to forgive the pun.
  • Then fluffy writes about their experiences working on Sprung, a Nintendo DS launch title. So typical. So telling.
  • Just as much worth your time, Konstantinos Dimopoulos writes (in Wireframe Magazine) How Revolution built Union City. And I have words about the worldbuilding in Beneath a Steel Sky and its sequel. But not now, and not here.
  • Last but not least, Emily Short reminds everyone that the IFComp is now accepting submissions, while the IntroComp is accepting votes. Hopefully the latter is still the case after this delay.

Either way, have a great start of August, and see you next time.


Tags: meta, hardware, history, strategy, worldbuilding