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Weekly Links #190: retrospective edition

Hello, everyone! As announced a few days ago on the other blog, our new website is coming along nicely, including a redesigned game showcase. The migration is about halfway done, or almost (not counting the newsletter), so we're on track for a New Year switchover if all goes well.

In other news, we have two pieces on the history and influence of Metroid and Ultima Online, respectively, the latter written by none other than Raph Koster himself. We also have a history of real-time strategy games (long read!) with which I have a quibble: look, admittedly the first Dune failed to influence the genre, but to dismiss it as a mere adventure game? Kids these days... You haven't played it, have you?

On a very much related note, a Thimbleweed Park developer explains how they made the game into more than just a nostalgic throwback. And without any connection, have some tips on interactive storytelling that can apply just as easily to a computer RPG as to a tabletop game.

Last but not least, the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation just announced setting up a Twine knowledge base that will gather solutions to common problems in a single, easy to search location.

But I'd rather not overextend myself today. See you next week.