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Weekly Links #40

by on Oct.12, 2014, under Miscellaneous, News

This is the second time in just a few weeks that I almost didn’t have a newsletter, so I’m going to ramble a little more than usual about the couple of topics I do have. First is that the little toy I’ve been working on is nearly ready for release (in fact I’ve been sending review copies already). And yes, I tried using the system look and feel this time, just for kicks. Looks surprisingly good.


But what is VoxelDesc, exactly? It’s a voxel painting application, except instead of being mouse-driven as you might expect, everything is done via a command line backed by a powerful scripting language — Javascript for now, because that’s the default in Java 6/7. I came up with the idea after noticing how tedious other voxel editors are: you need to click your mouse, very precisely, a lot of times, in order to make the simplest object. My experience with POV-Ray suggested that a declarative, procedural approach should be a lot more effective.

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Games as Application Servers

by on May.09, 2011, under Gamedev

To change gears from my last post, let’s talk about some game software design.  The purpose of this article is to sort of underscore a certain way of thinking about software design; this probably won’t come as news to some of you, but for those of us who have been writing games since the DOS era it might get some gears turning.

When “application server” is said, what probably comes to mind in most developer’s heads is one of the following: web server, java application server (Tomcat, jBoss,etc.), or something similarly boring and business-related.

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