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Weekly Links #68

by on May.03, 2015, under Gamedev, News

This will be another newsletter without any screenshots. The HTML5 port of Glittering Light is coming along, but slowly, and I have nothing to show off quite yet. So I’ll just jump into the news. Most relevant events this week happened in the world of interactive fiction, so that will be the main course. But first, a piece of news that’s as sad as it was predictable: the Ouya console is in trouble.

I called it. I totally called it, right the moment they announced the Ouya as this new thing never before attempted. Which wasn’t true: open source consoles have been around for many years now. In fact they seemed to have peaked around 2009. I even wrote an article at the time suggesting they’re the way of the future.

And they weren’t. Every single open source console was a total flop in the market. A terribly sad thing to a nerd like me. I’d love to own them all, and develop for them.

But nobody would play my games.

The reasons why aren’t simple; a write-up on this topic would take up several newsletters. But these are the facts. The GP* series, the Pandora, the Dingoo A320 were just a few famous examples. Ever heard of them?

I didn’t think so. And that’s because only a few nerds with money — a niche in a niche — ever bought any. And nerds never have a shortage of toys to play with. (Just look at the Raspberry PI.) It’s not the nerds who need catering to.

So, that’s the tl;dr version. Now let’s see about more cheerful news.

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Weekly Links #3

by on Jan.28, 2014, under News

It was a week with few gaming news that caught my eyes, and I was busy with other creative work, but what’s there is pretty awesome.

Let’s start with a game that’s just too unique not to mention: Heroes of a Broken Land, a combination of strategy, city building and… first person dungeon crawling. I’ve always liked hybrid games like that, and seeing that people still make them was nice; the gaming world is way too fixated on genres nowadays.
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