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ZX Spectrum emulators for less common platforms

There is no shortage of emulators for those using Windows or Android. But what about the rest of us?

  • Fuse is very popular on Linux where it originated, and certainly does the job just fine. It also has been used as the basis for other emulators.
  • JSSpeccy is a browser-based emulator built around the Fuse core. It’s slow, but you can use it to offer a preview of a game online.
  • JSpeccy is one of several emulators written in Java. It also resembles Fuse a lot for some reason.
  • Warajevo is the premier Spectrum emulator for DOS, which is probably meaningless nowadays unless you’re also into that. But it’s a very technical emulator with lots of odd options and features, in case you need to do more than playing old games with it. Warajevo also has a moving story.

ZX Spectrum development tools

Yes, people still make games and stuff for the good old Speccy. There’s a variety of options for that, both on-board and for cross-development. But the only one I’ve used so far is ZXBasic, a portable compiler with an excellent community and a number of useful extensions.

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