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Buzz Grid

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Buzz Grid is an abstract arcade game loosely inspired by classics such as Pac-Man and Robots. Navigate the eponymous grid, collect the green bubbles and don’t get zapped. Controls: arrow keys or W, A, S, D.

(You can also hit M to mute the sound.)

Desktop Edition

As of 15 July 2012, I have completed a desktop port based on PyGame.

As of 14 May 2013, this edition also supports a gamepad. Use button 1 to skip level and button 2 for play/pause.


Both are available under the MIT license.


Buzz Grid has been tested and found to work on the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3.6
  • Opera 11
  • Arora 0.11.0 (WebKit 533.3)
  • Chromium 6 (WebKit/534.3) — thanks, slackwrdave

It won’t work on Konqueror 4.5.5 due to absence of text support in its canvas implementation, and IE8 or older due to complete absence of canvas support.

Since the control scheme is keyboard-based, the game may interfere with certain browser features or plugins, such as search-as-you-type or Vimperator. Any compatibility reports would be appreciated.

The desktop edition requires Python and Pygame; these are most readily available under Linux, but Windows packages exist as well.


Q: The arrow keys don’t work in the Web edition!
A: You’re probably using Safari, Chrome or some other WebKit-based browser. Sorry, but you’ll have to make do with W, A, S, D (unless you’re willing to use Firefox or Opera instead). Please understand that it’s a technical limitation, not my whim.


Many thanks to my usual beta testers Ali and Nightwrath, but especially Dewi and Kelketek for their excellent improvement ideas.

Sound effect courtesy of sfxr. You can grab them from

To Do

As of September 19, 2011 there are seven levels; one or three more would be a nice bonus.

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