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Making Games on a Pi

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Why Videogame Preservation Needs to Change

Once again game stores are shutting down, and once again people are discussing how we could (and should) preserve all those games. And yes, it's tricky not just due to copyrights, or new consoles coming up all the time. I hadn't even thought about issues like TV plugs! But you know... having just made yet another game port, with more on the way, I can't help but think that if even one of the platforms I make my games for survives, so will the games, even if they weren't open source, and they are. That alone is reason to port them widely. Even if we're no longer in the Tower of Babel that was the 80s computing. Oh wait. The simple, self-contained machines from back then are precisely those most easily emulated nowadays, whose games will run forever.

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Virtual Boy Architecture: A Practical Analysis

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This $80 Games Console Looks Like a Switch, But Runs Ubuntu

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The Nintendo Famicom Clone Craze

How “famiclones” spread all over the world

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Sprung stuff

What it was like to work on a Nintendo DS launch title.

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Socialism’s DIY Computer

The Galaksija computer was a craze in 1980s Yugoslavia, inspiring thousands of people to build versions in their own homes. The idea behind them was simple – to make technology available to everyone.

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Gunpei Yokoi – Inventing the Game and Watch

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The polygons of Doom: PSX

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The story of the Atari Jaguar saviour that never came out

"But between 1993 and 1996, there were more failed major console releases than there were consoles released in the last decade."

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Introducing the Chloe 280SE, a new Z80 microcomputer

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The environmental impact of a Playstation 4

Deconstructing Sony’s video game console is a mind-bending trip into carbon-intensive global electronics

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From a small Acorn to 37 billion chips: ARM's ascent to tech superpower

An interview with Sophie Wilson, who invented the ARM instruction set.

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How are microchips made, anyway?

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Inside the work to get Doom on the Super Nintendo

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Building a 'homebrew' video game console

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Designing 2D graphics in the Japanese industry

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