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Exploring Our Stories & Decolonizing Games

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Fallout Shack

Architecture of The Wasteland

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Redesigning the Tabletop: Queering Dungeons and Dragons

A scholarly take on the matter.

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Are RPG Maker games as bad as people think?

Another article tackling the old issue, this time with numbers.

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Rockstar's history of America

What do Rockstar games tell us about American history?

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The Games Industry is Toxic

Content Warnings: crunch, burnout, layoffs, general toxicity

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Unrealistic Expectations for Realism in Games

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The Impossibility of Satirizing Game Art [NSFW!]

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All their engines

Stunning, original critique of the term "game engine" from a socio-political perspective, revolving around Id Software and the Doom franchise.

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All rise and no fall

How Civilization reinforces a dangerous myth.

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