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In Praise of Messy Design

Tags: game design, concepts

Accessibility Design #1

Tags: concepts, case study, overview

Audio Accessibility Features for Roguelikes

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Building Cogmind's Ambient Soundscape

Tags: game design, technology, concepts

What does a Level Designer in games do?

Interview with Jonathon Wilson, Hangar 13 Games

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Not all games need open worlds - here's why

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Tags: concepts, case study

Prototype Feedback

Tags: game design, concepts

What Exactly Is a “Gacha” Video Game?

Tags: concepts, overview

So You Want a Pantheon For Your Game

Tags: concepts, worldbuilding

How Do Bullets Work in Video Games?

Tags: concepts, programming

Text By Procedure

A short history of procedurally generated text, which both humans and computers have had a hand in making throughout history.

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How language shapes the way we play

Tags: concepts, philosophy

Game accessibility quotes of 2018

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Cultural Concepts as Principles of Design

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