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System Shock (at The Digital Antiquarian)

Another day, another classic game retrospective. A legendary one, even. Only this time the historian's account doesn't make me want to go and play it. On the contrary. This is a game that sounds pretentious, overwrought and tiring: the opposite of what I want from the medium. By the way, there is in fact a System Shock (fan) novel: Free Radical, by Shamus Young. And it's well worth a read. As for most people failing to notice the game is more than a shooter? There's a reason why in recent years I find myself, often enough, quoting one of my own literary characters: "a brick to the face is subtle".

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50 Years of Text Games - 1981: His Majesty's Ship "Impetuous"

Today I learned about a classic interactive fiction piece like no other. One of those that make one think about paths not taken, and what we're missing because of our choices. An ironic thing to say in context, come to think of it. How much more did we fail to try in the intervening four decades? I'm tempted to crack open Twine and find out, taking advantage of infinitely more powerful text processing in modern programming languages like Javascript.

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50 Years of Text Games - 1980: MUD

We were all distracted last year, so we kinda forgot to celebrate 40 years since the world's first MMORPG, known as MUD. The concept has long since developed from essentially a multiplayer text adventure, through EverQuest and World of Warcraft, to whatever the cool kids are playing today. Yet MUDs still endure in their original form as well. I discovered the scene in 2009-2010 (and wrote about it), and I'm still active, at least in a subculture thereof. So this look back means a lot to me.

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The Incredible Machine (at HG101)

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Before Fortnite, There Was ZZT: Meet Epic’s First Game

As a child, being able to tell your friends ‘I make video games’ is incredibly powerful.

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The Hidden, Destructive Legacy of 'Duke Nukem'

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50 Years of Text Games - 1974: Super Star Trek

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Experiencing a classic for the first time: DOOM (1993)

It's FPS distilled to its essence -- anachronistic i know -- and it turns out that's actually why i want to play FPS games.

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The Secrets Of Monkey Island’s Source Code

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Serious Sam: The First Encounter (at HG101)

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ImMortal Mystique: Mortal Kombat's John Tobias on the Creation and Evolution of a Franchise

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ZZT Stories: The Reconstruction

Only 22 years late!

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The Mysterious Origins of Mastermind, the Codebreaking Board Game

It was an international sensation. It made an appearance in Fallout. It helped create the field of cybersecurity. But where did it come from?

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The polygons of Doom: PSX

Tags: classic, cool, hardware, history, shooter

Final Fantasy 7 – how Square made one of the most important and influential RPGs of all time

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The man who made Wolfenstein

The late Silas Warner is barely remembered in gaming, but he did something extraordinary

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Tales from the making of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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An Oral History of 'Snake' on Nokia

Taneli Armanto is an unsung hero of mobile gaming. Meet the Finnish software engineer who developed ‘Snake’ for the late-’90s Nokia 6110 — launching a 00 billion industry

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Duke Nukem (1991)

Tags: classic, retrospective, shooter

How one phone call saved a tiny new studio and gave the world System Shock 2

20 years later, Irrational Games co-founders Ken Levine and Jonathan Chey on the immersive sim's rollercoaster development.

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Great moments in PC gaming: Fighting mecha Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D

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Reflections on DOOM's Development

(straight from John Romero)

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