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The Secrets Of Monkey Island’s Source Code

Tags: classic, adventure, preservation

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive

Tags: graphics, technology, preservation

The Pygame library now has a Patreon!

Tags: graphics, programming, technology

The Uncanny Valley of Culture

Tags: representation, critique

Game Design Fundamentals: Granting sight beyond sight

Tags: graphics, game design

Exploring the Concept of a Terminal Roguelike “Overmap”

A clever solution for creating minimaps in a text-based roguelike that obeys a strict character grid, by using a kind of 4x zoom. Obviously that's not much, and not nearly as useful as what you can do in a graphical game. Like I did in mine, very easily, and to great effect.

Tags: roguelike, graphics

What “Roguelike” Meant

Unusual history of the genre, starting around the time it began to be recognized as such and given a name. Lots of cane-waving and cries of "get off my lawn!" Worth a read anyway for the different perspective.

Tags: roguelike, history

Game Engines: A False Dichotomy

Tags: technology, critique

The Problems with PLATO

Why digital archaeology is hard.

Tags: history, preservation

Pygame 2 released on 20th birthday

Tags: programming, technology

Pygame celebrates 20 years by releasing version 2.0

Tags: programming, technology

Money for the honey!

A look at Hive Time's finances and pay-what-you-want pricing

Tags: long, business, postmortem

Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social

Tags: cool, community, technology

A New Way To Think About Your Favorite Game’s Code

Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin, co-directors of the Video Game History Foundation, explain their new project

Tags: history, preservation, interview

Introducing The Video Game Source Project

Tags: history, preservation

The quietly groundbreaking videogame of RoboCop 3

RoboCop 3 may have been a muddled disappointment of a film, but the videogames – that came out first – were a bit more interesting.

Tags: obscure, history

How Arthurian tragedy drives the design of Pendragon

Tags: writing, case study

Roguelike Celebration 2020

Tags: cool, roguelike, community, technology

Accessibility Design #1

Tags: concepts, case study, overview

Why PyGame is Slow

Tags: graphics, programming, case study

Audio Accessibility Features for Roguelikes

Tags: rpg, game design, concepts

Building Cogmind's Ambient Soundscape

Tags: game design, technology, concepts

The Nintendo Famicom Clone Craze

How “famiclones” spread all over the world

Tags: obscure, hardware, history

What does a Level Designer in games do?

Interview with Jonathon Wilson, Hangar 13 Games

Tags: game design, concepts, interview

Creating homebrew games for the Nintendo Gameboy has just become much easier!

Tags: technology, overview