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How Revolution built Union City

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ZZT Stories: The Reconstruction

Only 22 years late!

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Sprung stuff

What it was like to work on a Nintendo DS launch title.

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EA's strategy for remastering Command & Conquer

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Beneath a Steel Sky at The Digital Antiquarian

Tags: classic, adventure, retrospective

Socialism’s DIY Computer

The Galaksija computer was a craze in 1980s Yugoslavia, inspiring thousands of people to build versions in their own homes. The idea behind them was simple – to make technology available to everyone.

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Gunpei Yokoi – Inventing the Game and Watch

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The rise and fall of Adobe Flash

Right on my birthday, Ars Technica posts a long, detailed history of Flash from its humble beginnings to its relatively recent demise, complete with testimonies from key people. And you know... Steve Jobs may have been a jerk and the bane of good engineering, but in that infamous essay he only echoed the concerns of industry at large. Flash wasn't just proprietary, insecure and a resource hog. It was such a mess that even after key components were open-sourced, and the rest extensively documented, 3rd-party clones just couldn't come close to playing anything but the simplest animations properly. Successful preservation efforts leverage the official player, not open source implementations. No, Flash was terrible engineering even by IT's abysmal standards. And frankly? Its much vaunted ease of use was never apparent to me. Even as an authoring tool, Flash sucked. There, I said it.

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COVID-19 and pivot towards game development lead to layoffs at Kongregate

Wait, what? I guess the layoffs shouldn't surprise anyone after the previous announcement, though having them come without warning just a day later is ugly. But how in the world do you blame the ongoing health crisis for the woes of an internet company that does everything online by definition?! Your business should be booming right now! You know, from all the people stuck at home with not much to do.

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Kongregate shuts off game submissions as Flash's final days approach

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Prototype Feedback

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Divest from the Video Games Industry!

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My 10 Year Game Development Journey

Things are different in the Philippines (via

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Dying Light 2 writer Chris Avellone accused of sexual assault and harassment

Yet another one? Seriouly? There really is no end to it.

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Changing software

I didn't mention it last time, but the big change was partly prompted (and enabled) by a new version of the software powering this linklog. Four days ago, I wasn't yet started; now it's working well enough to let me migrate the data and even add back some of the links I had removed, this time in the right place. In the interest of historical accuracy, it's going to be just those articles published starting September 2018, when this section was created. The rest will remain in the archive where they belong.

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Changing focus

Just in case somebody's actually watching this space: as of this writing, older links will move to the archive section, and this one will become more of a staging ground for the main blog. Hopefully that will make both more interesting and useful for everyone.

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Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks

Tags: preservation, retrogaming

1983 Microsoft GW-BASIC source code now available on Github!

Tags: preservation, technology

20 Years Later, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Proves That Games Should Get Weird

Tags: adventure, game design, philosophy, rpg

After Christchurch - What we owe our game communities

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Software Engineering for AI

Tags: AI, game design, technology

Playdate & the LA Zine Fest, weird games, and what it means for “Playdate” to lose its name…

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The Mysterious Origins of Mastermind, the Codebreaking Board Game

It was an international sensation. It made an appearance in Fallout. It helped create the field of cybersecurity. But where did it come from?

Tags: classic, history, tabletop

The polygons of Doom: PSX

Tags: classic, cool, hardware, history, shooter

Text-Based VR: Explore the Pioneering World of MUSHes

Tags: overview, technology