Items for January 2021

Metroid: Other M (at HG 101)

Likely the most positive review of this game I've seen, mostly focusing on the gameplay. Though it touches at the story towards the end, and that's where the criticism starts.

Tags: retrospective

50 Years of Text Games - 1974: Super Star Trek

Tags: classic, strategy

Donjon FI: Le jeu à énigmes en mode texte

Donjon vous permet d’écrire des fictions interactives et d’y jouer. Tout est en français. L'application ne requiert ni installation ni inscription.

Tags: interactive fiction, tools

DriveThruRPG Post-Brexit?

Tags: tabletop, business

Opera buys GameMaker Studio maker YoYo Games for $10 million

Tags: tools, business

Enough Medieval Fantasy RPGs Already

Tags: rpg, critique

What does magic mean to you?

Tags: writing, philosophy

Jade Empire (at HG101)

Tags: rpg, retrospective

Cyberpunk 2077 is an architecture critique with nothing to say

A high-brow academic analysis of an increasingly contemporary issue.

Tags: rpg, critique

Texture ou le mot mis en geste

"Texture, or the word made into gesture": article in French about the eponymous authoring system and how it shapes works created with it.

Tags: interactive fiction, tools