Items for October 2020

Money for the honey!

A look at Hive Time's finances and pay-what-you-want pricing

Tags: long, business, postmortem

Replicating Blade Runner

Why the adventure game classic is so tough to remaster.

Tags: classic, adventure, preservation

Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social

Tags: cool, community, technology

The Lurking Horror (at HG101)

Tags: interactive fiction, retrospective

La Grande Aventure

The story of the first text adventure in French, and how it ties into the early home computer scene.

Tags: interactive fiction, history, interview

A New Way To Think About Your Favorite Game’s Code

Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin, co-directors of the Video Game History Foundation, explain their new project

Tags: history, preservation, interview

Introducing The Video Game Source Project

Tags: history, preservation

How Arthurian tragedy drives the design of Pendragon

Tags: writing, case study

Roguelike Celebration 2020

Tags: cool, roguelike, community, technology