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< The [[|Interactive Fiction Archive]] is of course the ur-resource for all things IF.
< == Community websites
< * The [[|Interactive Fiction Wiki]]
< * The [[|Interactive Fiction Community Forum]] — just what it says on the tin.
< * The [[|Interactive Fiction Database]] is the closest thing we have to a social networking service.
< * [[|iFiction]]: hundreds of titles playable online.
< * [[|Classic Adventures Solution Archive]]
< == International
< * Home of the [[|French IF community]]
< == Other
< Website of the [[|ifMUD]], the community’s oldest hangout besides the now defunct newsgroups.
< == Books and Publications
< * [[|SPAG Magazine]]
< * [[|Brass Lantern]]
< * [[|Planet IF]] (arguably not a publication, but fits here).
< * [[|Teaching and Learning With Interactive Fiction]]
< == Authoring
< Too many authoring systems to list, but [[|Roger Firth’s Cloak of Darkness]] provides a good overview.
< Last but not least, here’s another [[|resource list by Emily Short]], and [[|one more by Hannah Powell-Smith]].