2012-03-18 Ramus in the real world

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Summary: Updated link to the Starborn port.


< Anyway, you can [[https://ramus.notimetoplay.org/starborn.html|download the game here]]. Enjoy!


> Anyway, you can [[https://notimetoplay.org/engines/ramus/starborn.html|download the game here]]. Enjoy!

No, don’t get too excited. This is something I did myself, and it’s not even an original work but a port of Juhana Leinonen‘s Starborn. I meant to do it when the game first came out, but there was too much going on behind the scenes, or so it seemed from looking at the source code, and I hesitated. In the mean time, Nitku ported it to Undum himself, thus proving that in a keyword-based game a few boolean flags may well be able to replace a full-blown world model. So I took a closer look, and it turned out that more than half of the original [[Inform_7?]] code was dedicated to disabling the parser, implementing keywords as a game concept and other such changes.

On the Ramus side, development turned out to be very easy indeed. The only real problem is that I keep typing href instead of rel — understandable after over a decade of Web development. It may be worth implementing URL autodetection, like in HTML TADS, but my laziness is stronger than the annoyance factor.

Anyway, you can download the game here. Enjoy!