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Evennia, a MUD Building Toolkit

by on Aug.29, 2013, under Gamedev

Felix just wrote a post on Seltani and its work to create a more accessible MUD experience.

There is another project which has similar aims, but more indirectly. It’s aimed at the developer who wants to customize their MUD completely, using a language that offers quick development: Python.

It’s called Evennia, and it brings a host of game-changers (pardon the pun) to the table.

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Storytelling in games

by on Nov.08, 2011, under Miscellaneous

The old Story - A2

While there is a continuing trend to market games to a larger audience by basing them primarily on gameplay that is quickly learned and satisfying, there remains something to be said for interesting storylines in interactive media. How a storyline is presented, however, is as important as the story itself. Bad cut scenes that keep a player from playing the game might as well be loading screens.

There has been a tendency, historically, for games to try to emulate movies in the story telling department. Games will pause, a short video advancing the story will be played, and then the gameplay continues. There are a number of problems this creates in a gaming medium.
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Five things to consider when assembling a team

by on Jun.09, 2011, under Gamedev

Team Building Rochester, NY - Simon School MBA  (79)

One of the most frustrating and wonderful elements about modern games is that they usually require more than one person to make them. Back in the days of the Atari, a single person could make a game if they wanted and do quite well with it. Some modern developers are still able to do this. Cave Story was written, designed and programmed by one single person. But he took five years to finish his game, and not everyone is Daisuke Amaya.

What this means is that you need a team to create the game you want. Some of us may remember the ordeal of group assignments at school and work and groan at the thought of having to deal with and manage such an endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be bad. It can even be exciting. So what should we look for in a team?
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