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Weekly Links #242


All right, so, the good news is, work on my game progressed enough that it now looks like something. Specifically, this:

The bad news is, I fizzled out after that, not least because reviving another old project caught my interest instead. That worked beautifully, which does wonders for my morale, even if it's kinda pointless. And then I came up with half a strategy for getting some donations now that selling stuff online is no longer an option.

Which just means more stuff to do that isn't making games. In my defense, No Time to Play was always more about figuring stuff out so we could teach others; making our own games is simply part of the process. A fun part to be sure, at least as much as playing, but still not the end goal. Got to act like it now and then, at least for the sake of variety.

In the way of news, this week was taken up by yet another crunch scandal in the game industry. And I'm like, not again. It's been 14 years since the EA Spouse debacle. Fourteen. Years. To still have the same thing happen for the nth time makes it obvious that people just don't want the problem fixed, and all the whining is just for show. Much like cars, or Apple, crunch is now a religion. Might as well treat it accordingly.

Last but not least, just to keep this newsletter from being link-free, I wrote a programming language review, that's even on topic if you squint. See you next time.