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Weekly Links #233


Hey, everyone. I've got nothing today, except perhaps that I'm experimenting with blogging software that fits in with the new No Time To Play website. The trial just started, but if it works out, my gamedev blog might just return home come New Year. But don't unsubscribe just yet, this one still has uses. In related news, the wiki is now up to date and better organized. Once I no longer have to worry about what goes where, it might actually start turning into more than just an archive of old articles. The only problem remains our bookstore, which for now has to piggyback on my personal Gumroad account.

Until I can find something better, let's see this week's news:

Oh, look what Jim Munroe announced on the forum the other day: a game jam (to begin soon) dedicated to Texture, an interactive fiction authoring tool that was briefly popular a couple of years ago, right after its public release, but then kind of faded into the background. I only made one game with it, called City of Dead Leaves, and successfully recommended the system to 1 (one) friend, but it's an excellent tool that deserves better. So this is great news. If you have an idea for an interactive fiction piece but haven't yet chosen what to make it with, consider going for a unique structure and user interface with Texture. You won't regret it.

Over on Eurogamer, there's a piece about the way companies have been trying as of late to display support for queer gamers, and how this support ranges from essentially advertising themselves to actual baby steps in the right direction.

What can I say? In the community, we've been less than effective at stamping out homophobic behavior. But simply taking an open stance against it, and noisily welcoming queer creators along with their games, has made a big difference. It's only a first step... but even the longest journey starts the same. And we all still have a long way to go, so let's keep at it.

Last but not least, there are my articles about making games quickly and the Texture authoring system, respectively. Have fun, and see you next time.