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Weekly Links #88

Having been offline for the weekend due to yet another outage (so much for Talk Like a Pirate Day), I find myself late and with insufficient links to make a newsletter. Perhaps I could mention the latest toy I've been working on — RPN-40, a programmable calculator trying to stay simple and fun. Or perhaps Hardcore Gaming 101's retrospective of C.P.U. Bach, which may seem off-topic. But think about it: in 1994, computers were already able to compose music. 21 years down the road, they are even able to design videogames. How can we harness that ability?

And speaking of that, via Michael Cook I learned of this blog post about procedurally generating cities. Having done just that (in a simplistic way) for RogueBot, I can certainly appreciate the work described.

My story with procedural generation so far - #gamedev #madewithunity

— Danny Goodayle (@DGoodayle) September 17, 2015

Last but not least: Rock, Paper, Shotgun -- which has been leaning noticeably towards my range of interests as of late -- has an article about designing magic into fantasy worlds. Which of course applies to all media, not just games; the article doesn't talk at all about implementation issues. Tip: you basically need a scripting engine to have magic in your game. The simplest implementations I've seen resemble the example in my article about code versus data. But the narrative angle matters just as much, if not more.

And that's pretty much all I have for today. See you next time.