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Weekly Links #81

People are funny. It's the height of summer, everyone's on vacation, yet for once I have a full newsletter. Let's start with a couple of headlines about consoles -- one about the fate of the OUYA, the other about vintage consoles still selling in Brazil. It's almost as if getting the best out of what we already have beats always chasing after new toys nobody asked for! Naaah... ya think?

On a related note, PC Gamer has a feature on how full motion video is making a comeback, now that we know to use it for its strengths rather as a technological gimmick. At last, people are starting to figure it out. And while on the topic on how to use tech well, here's a comprehensive overview of color in games.

Last but not least, Jimmy Maher has a write-up titled The 14 Deadly Sins of Graphic Adventure Design, which is really about much more than that. Such as interactivity being the whole point of games, or being familiar with the state of the art in whatever genre you are creating.

But these days I'm working on an entirely different kind of game. See you around.