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Weekly Links #77

Hardly any links of interest this week so I'll take the opportunity to toot my own horn. After various delays, the first No Time To Play book is finally out! As mentioned on the book's page, it's available for sale on and on Scribd, in a variety of formats and for only a couple of dollars. If you enjoy it, a signal boost would be much appreciated. Thank you.

In other news, Emily Short covers the recently concluded 2015 edition of the International Conference on Computational Creativity, and I couldn't help but notice a couple of highlights: first,, a kind of interactive wizard (heh heh) to help people get started with game development, using the most suitable tools and resources for their project. If I had to nitpick, it's too bad none of the recommendations were able to surprise me. That speaks volumes about the state of game-making tools today (a topic much more relevant to the new No Time To Play tumblr), but the service itself is fine. And because I mentioned my new tumblr, a topic even closer to its spirit is casual creators -- tools that enable people to manifest their instinctive creativity quickly and easily, so that they can take joy in what they do even if the results are limited. Having used a meme generator myself to express a particular idea when I needed to, this sounds like an important concept, one that warrants more attention.

But that will take some thinking. See you around.