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Weekly links #11

Funny how ideas percolate around the net sometimes. Just last week, I was writing about the aging of the gaming community, and how dumb the big manufacturers are for still targeting consoles and games at the younger segment exclusively. And here we have Jeff Vogel advising indie developers to take advantage of this gap in coverage. As if to validate his opinion, it turns out that Papers, Please -- a game he recommends in his article -- took the grand prize at this year's IGF awards.

In other news, Unity might soon run natively in the browser rather than via plugin, and the new Angry Birds game is a turn-based RPG. There's also another interview with a famous name, this time Richard Gariott.

Last but not least, just so I can still pretend this is a game development blog, here's a very to-the-point pixel art tutorial. with a highly unusual website behind it. And I'm afraid that's pretty much it, because I'm just not feeling well these days. Until next time.