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Weekly Links #153

by on Jan.15, 2017, under News

You know, for a game development blog I don’t post about game design nearly often enough. This week is an exception. Let’s start with Gamasutra’s case study of good first levels — an important part of any game, if by no means the hardest. (Ultimately, the first level is also the easiest to make.) More specifically, we have an article about prefabricated sections in procedurally generated levels and another on powerful uses of color in game graphics. Plenty of things to learn from both!

Going on, Polygon is running a long-form feature about the making of Final Fantasy VII (warning: really long read!) And you know, it would be a much more interesting story if it didn’t sound exactly like most other such stories. Politics, money, technology, ambition, cockiness… stop me when you grow tired of the drinking game. Is the industry ever going to learn any better?

Last but not least, fans of interactive fiction will be happy to hear that is saved! A new team stepped up to take over, and the transition is ongoing as of this writing. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Speaking of which, stay creative, and stay tuned. See you!


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  • Kantuck Nadie Nata-akon

    /stop me when you grow tired of the drinking game. Is the industry ever going to learn any better?/

    As long as money is being made, nothing changes. That’s the sad reality of much. The only reason computers did so very well, is because the evolution of computers and software. But notice how around 2000, hardware was able to keep up, then exceed the needs of Windows so even today Vista can be ran on $50 used systems? I can remember Win2k and having to wait 3 minutes for it to start. (Sounds like Win7 now :). But now no one is redoing windows from scratch like Apple did. Same with software. EMACS is 30+ years old yet it’s only made minor changes in it’s UI.

    I’m glad to see though, that IF is coming back and I certainly welcome it.

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