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Weekly Links #149

by on Dec.04, 2016, under Gamedev, News

Aah, that’s better. I actually have a few links for you this week. But first, let me announce that Adventure Prompt now comes with a proper demo you can play. It’s not much, but it highlights all the important features of the engine. Not so much the feel of the authoring system, but that would be hard with an inherently interactive app. Special thanks to Kevin C. Redden for all the research on backpacking that I didn’t have room to mention in the game, and to everyone else for the interest.

In other news, my friend Sera is at it again with an article titled The Woman On The Cover: Becoming A Woman In A Man’s World. It may not sound like it’s about videogames at first, but believe me, it is — though it’s an issue that impacts all of society. As the owner of StoryDevs was writing just recently:

It’s fundamentally immoral to pretend our communities are apolitical. Silence is always a vote for the status quo, one that continues to be cruel and divorced from humanity’s best interests. If we’re to fix the issues at hand we need to be talking about them in all communities, not denying they exist or redirecting people to other places because “we don’t do politics here”.

Politics is always on topic in art spaces because the arts have always been affected by politics. And the times in history that the arts have been most endangered has often coincided with injustices against marginalised groups and political upheaval.

Amen to that. But for now, let’s move on.

Earlier this autumn, I mentioned a PICO-8 clone in development. In the mean time the project went through a name change, and now people are actually using it to make games. Which makes me feel a lot less guilty for not getting around to it myself.

Last but not least, I was just wondering how NaNoGenMo went this year, when this overview of one particular participant group crossed my Twitter timeline. And there’s quite a bit to see in there.

Until next time, keep an eye on new game-making tools.

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  • Kris

    You follow US media enough to have seen how amazingly bitter and toxic a year we’ve been through. We’re burned out on politics, and the active legal disputes over the election *still* aren’t over. So some of us would very much like to have a non-political space and not be faced with art that’s intended to have a political message. At least not constantly.

    Re: Sera’s post, if Overwatch has a diverse cast because it’s fun, great. (It rips off TF2, where everybody’s a white man except for one black Scot and whatever Pyro is.) If it has a diverse cast because the creators want to push some agenda beyond “not obnoxiously sexualizing our few female characters”, boo. If the designers want to spew accusations of bigotry against people like Sera does, that’s worse.
    (Let’s try this extra text to see if it’ll let me post the comment.)

    • Felix

      It occurs to me that all the toxicity during the recent US election cycle has flowed from one side, and the same side, that otherwise routinely mocks safe spaces, now wants to be sheltered from the shitstorm they have unleashed — from the consequences of their own horrible behavior. Leaving aside the hypocrisy, life simply doesn’t work that way: you folks are all in the same boat, and when it sinks, it sinks for everyone. Not even throwing those who disagree with you overboard is going to stop the process. In fact, it will just leave you with fewer hands to man the pumps.

      As for Sera’s article, I’m not the best person to discuss the finer points; maybe leave her a comment directly? It’s mirrored on her blog.

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