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Weekly Links #103

by on Jan.17, 2016, under Case study, News

Oh well. That’s what happens when you have a ton of hobbies. After several weeks of game development, I went back to writing fiction for now. But that doesn’t mean news are passing me by. This week’s most powerful story is about the struggles of a Muslim game developer, ranging from the representation of Middle Eastern people mostly as enemies to be shot, to the simple fact that traveling to conferences can be difficult these days if your name is Muhammad. See my longer comment on Tumblr. Much food for thought, in any event.

On a more cheerful note, I have a couple of very sentimental articles. First is an homage to Tetris, with interesting remarks about the author’s unique genius. Then this write-up about what happens when MMOs close down. In short: people become invested in the virtual worlds they frequent. People begin to care. Because that’s what people do. There are memories you’re leaving behind. And friends. Who are as real as the game was virtual. But somehow we’re supposed to just move on because “this is capitalism”? There has to be a better way.

Last but not least, in actual game development news, it appears there are people out there porting indie games to arcade cabinets, and it’s a fascinating trip to take. The best postmortem I’ve read in a long time, really. Especially as many of my own games want to be arcades at their core, but I never quite went the whole way with them. Someday, perhaps.

For now, have a nice week.

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  • Kantuck Nadie Nata-akon

    A well written article here, and I agree with the MMOs. I’ve been on MU*s for around 14 years now, and met a lot of interesting and delightful people (You included.) This is another reason why I will not go into capitalistic based server systems. I remember when Napster based streaming music systems came out, and everyone was getting into it. Well as expected everyone started leaving it, and a lot of them just shut down their servers. You had music you ‘rented’ and then suddenly you lost all of that. I have never touched streaming music services because of that. They can shut down and leave you hanging at the drop of a hat.

    So I’ll stick with MUs instead, and SpinDizzy is my home.

    • Felix

      Yeah, I often said that if I ever made a persistent multiplayer game, it would have a downloadable server app that anyone could set up for a few friends. Not just because running an actual MMO is expensive, but also to let players keep their game once I can no longer take care of it. That’s the Minecraft approach for example, and while individual servers come and go, there is no central point of failure that could leave everyone in the cold one day. You can even save and restore persistent worlds if I’m not mistaken, potentially allowing them to live forever. Which is how it should be.

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