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No Time To Play is five

by on Aug.11, 2015, under Miscellaneous

It says much about my state of mind this year that on the blog’s fifth anniversary I waited until evening to write a few lines. Two years ago I complained that things seemed to be looking down. Turns out, they can always get worse. For a while after that post, I didn’t work on games at all. Then I started coming back in a way, slowly and half-heartedly. Guess it showed, because basically no-one noticed my games from the past few months. More recently, finances and ISP outages alike threatened the blog itself, to the point that I decided to write a book and start a Tumblr so No Time To Play can at least survive in other forms should the worst come to pass. Sadly nobody noticed those either…

The upswing from all this? Unlike a couple of months ago, I want the blog to survive. Five years is a lot of time, and good things have accumulated here. Moreover, I do see a future for videogames now, though it’s far from the glorious VR-fest everyone else seems to dream of. If things seem slow for the moment, it’s because these days I’m working on a different kind of game, that only involves computers tangentially. But I’ll come back eventually. I always do.

What matters is that you, my readers, are still here when that happens, or else there’s no point to me plodding along. So, happy reading.


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  • Nightwrath

    Happy ‘birthday’ and many more years to come! (I hope)
    I always read the articles here, although I am not such an active on commenting, but I guess we all have phases in our lives…
    I still follow the news here and try to provide news for this place (whenever I can). However, Felix is the master of this place so he decides what goes on here and to be honest this place looks much more different than Gamasutra or other places I also visit from time to time. I think that is a good thing and in the end… all that matters is that you Felix like to work for this site and put a lot of passion into it.

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