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Weekly Links #34

by on Sep.02, 2014, under News, Opinion

This is another short week. The biggest news, of course, is that the overgrown boys of gaming — you know, those who take pride in the size of their virtual, um, guns; those the big publishers still target exclusively — have crossed every imaginable limit. It’s not the first time Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency fame has taken flak for pointing out the frightening amount of misogyny in gaming. But this time one of the drooling baboons has ventured into the criminal realm, driving Ms. Sarkeesian to leave home and seek police protection from direct and credible threats.

Just to make it clear: I like games with big guns too. And I’m not above seeking a bit of eye candy every time I can. Maybe that makes me a little sexist; maybe all men are, just a little. But what this guy did? It’s not just literally against the law. It casts a dark shadow over both gaming and real men — you know, those who show a minimum of respect towards the other half of the world’s population.

If you can’t do that, then get the fuck out. Just… out. There’s no place in civilized society for violent bigots. And societal standards are already way too low as it is.

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