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Weekly Links #7

by on Feb.25, 2014, under News

I thought last week was going to be a dry spell, but then I had a whole bunch of interesting gaming news coming up on Friday, so it’s all good.

First a couple of musical news. On the one hand, we have Kotaku announcing an upcoming musical shooter from the creators of Rock Band. It sounds weird… but yay for innovation in big-budget gaming! And on a completely unrelated note (pun not intended), here’s how much fun one can have with a musical toy that was placed apropos of nothing in a random adventure game:

Do you still believe there’s a “right” way to play a game?
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Weekly Links #6

by on Feb.18, 2014, under News

All right, no apologies here, I simply forgot to take care of the newsletter yesterday with everything else I had on my mind. Most of the news this time aren’t even strictly about gaming, and there aren’t many of them in the first place, so…

Anyway, the two big scandals from last week are continuing. First, we have Peter Molyneux, who made the original Dungeon Keeper, chime in about the recent EA debacle, and his words aren’t too kind. Then we have one more opinion about the drama surrounding Flappy Bird, which like the one I quoted on Friday isn’t so much about what happened as how insensitive people can be on the Internet. And that’s a real problem we’re nowhere near solving.
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More about Flappy Bird

by on Feb.14, 2014, under Miscellaneous

In my last newsletter, I mentioned all the recent drama surrounding the game Flappy Bird. The very next day, Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software fame posted a long, thoughtful article about the events, which says everything I would have wanted to and more. Here’s but a tiny sample:

Suppose one day I get one insult too many, I go nuts and quit or freak out. Here’s what people will say about me: What a weakling. What a wimp. What an idiot. Why does he care? Why doesn’t he just turn the social media off? Why can’t he be tough and awesome like me? Screw that guy.

All this, of course, from people who have never experienced being in even remotely the same position.

Of course. Go read the whole thing, it’s worth your time.

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Weekly Links #5

by on Feb.10, 2014, under News

As the year is picking up, so do the gaming news. It’s good to have a newsletter that’s not short on links for a change, so let me just dive into it.

First, of course, comes the big news of the week: after the Sim City debacle last year, EA is yet again trying to rip off gamers, and falling flat on their faces, judging by the typical review. Newsflash: even the dumbest consumers have a limit. Push them too hard, and you’re not going to like how much they overreact, after putting up with your crap for too long already. Wanna bet how many more blows like that the big producers need before they start getting a clue?
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Weekly Links #4

by on Feb.04, 2014, under News

It was a really slow week at the end of January, but a handful of links caught my eye anyway.

First, a piece of gaming history, namely how the Japanese RPG was born. I wasn’t surprised to learn that some of the familiar tropes were born of technical limitations, but it turns out the genre was brought to the land of the rising sun by a Westerner who missed his D&D gaming group and didn’t even speak the language. Now, that’s fascinating. (By the way, have you noticed how many legendary games were created by people with no prior knowledge of computers, let alone videogames? We need a lot more cross-polination here.)
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