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by on Oct.18, 2013, under Miscellaneous

I didn’t have much of a mind for games as of late, but that doesn’t mean I stopped keeping an eye out for things to write about. And this time I ran across two of them in a row.

First we have Full Screen Mario, an open source reimplementation of Nintendo’s masterpiece from 1985 made in HTML5, complete with level editor and procedural generator. It runs too slowly for me to be fun, and I was never any good at this game, but the very fact that this exists shows how far we’ve come.

Second, I don’t take game generators too seriously, but Game Maker is one I tested and found to work as advertised, for what it’s worth. Maybe that’s because its developers do take their own product seriously. Remember the original Grand Theft Auto? Turns out, its creator now works at YoYo Games, and seems determined to remake the 2D classic in Game Maker, this time in 3D and also running in HTML5. We’ve come far indeed.

But that’s pretty much it for today. More next time, I hope. Have fun!


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  • Zesago

    Sad to see full-screen Mario got a C&D from Nintendo, but it’s cool to just download the git repo and run it locally. Wonder how much longer that’ll last.

  • Felix

    Luckily the source code can be easily scrubbed, and the technology it incorporates used for many other things. As for Nintendo… right now they’re coasting on sales from the Pokemon franchise, and how long do you supposed that can last?

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