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Relying on the unreliable

by on Apr.26, 2011, under Miscellaneous, Off-topic

One advantage of not being in the market for mainstream A-list games is that I’m sheltered from this sort of incident. In fact, I only heard about it more than ten days later, when another incident caused some people to remember the previous one. Which in turn promptly reminded me of yet another — unlike the others, this one did affect me.

It’s easy to call us alarmists when we rant and rave about the dangers of the “cloud”. But reality proves again and again that technology is inherently unreliable, and corporations doubly so. Whether you are a consumer or a service provider, depending on the continued availability of something that could go offline at the first storm or the whim of an executive (whichever comes first) is simply reckless. Never mind the issue of DRM; relying on a centralized source for anything at all pretty much misses the whole point of having an Internet.

Don’t get me wrong: a central meeting point has its uses. That’s why I still use instead of setting up my own server. But at least I have the option. One day, will go down, possibly for good, and a million Minecraft players will be all, “I told you so”. But then it will be too late.

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